Home Staging Tips With Olivia Prince

Staging to Sell CoverPeople make snap decisions in new situations. This is especially true during a showing of a home. In preparing your home for the market, we need to put this trait of human nature to work for us. Your home needs to make a good impression so that the snap judgments of potential buyers are favorable. During the showing, the buyer will make judgments about your home as they view it through the “lens” formed in that first 15 seconds. Remember, people judge what they can’t see by what they can see. There is a lot that you can’t see with a house, so we need to make sure that what can be seen is perfect. The path to home perfection begins with Olivia Prince’s home staging tips.

If you are selling your home, let Olivia give you her tried-and-true secrets of home staging in order to get your home as perfect as possible. Well-staged homes sell faster and often for more money. Olivia puts her fourteen years of real estate experience and her degree in interior design to work in this free eBook full of home staging tips. In order to get great suggestions on staging both the interior and exterior of your home, just click the link below. Get Staging to Sell now!

Related Services

We understand that you might need more than home staging tips when preparing to sell your home. At Wind River Realty we value community relationships. That’s why we always recommend using local resources for your home needs. Below, please find contact information for local businesses that can help you with all your home improvement needs. These businesses have been helping build the Riverton community for years. We trust them to provide you with excellent, honest service. However, Wind River Realty does not endorse any product, service or company. Please note this list is given as a convenience and is not a complete listing. We recommend you check the phone book for additional names. Some may not be certified or have liability insurance. We recommend you ask for references.


Randy Hutchison: 856-3376

Keith Kasselder: 332-6123

Mike McDonald: 840-5252

Dick Philip: 856-7994

Tippets Appraisal: 856-5156

Niki Tippets: 857-4226

Mindy Sealander: 349-4927


Bonneville Builders: 330-7344

David Construction: 857-2903

Dinwoody Construction: 856-6999

Florquist Construction: 332-9268

Gardcrafted PHD: 856-2811

Majors Equipment: 856-3218

Sehnert Systems: 856-4282

Wyoming Custom Construction: 463-4154

RICO Construction: 856-7010

Carpet Cleaners

Cleaning Solutions:856-6465

Mountain Air Cleaning: 856-1407

Smart Clean: 856-1189

Upright Const. & Restoration Service: 857-0303


Rocky Mtn Pre-Mix: 856-3403

Riverton Ready Mix: 856-1209

Concrete Work

Ace Construction: 850-4006

Custom Cabinets

Gardcrafted: 856-2811

Wood Perfect: 856-4370

WY Windows & Cabinets: 332-2372


Chris Amend: 857-3832

Giddings Construction: 856-2445

Mark Schatza: 856-5939

Yeates Construction: 856-9356


Amp Electric: 463-7345

Betts Electric: 856-2713

Electrical Dynamics: 856-4677

Hoffman Electric: 856-3408

Intermountain Electric: 856-7321

J&L Electric: 856-1584

Paradise Valley Electric: 856-9296

Wind River Electric: 856-6422

General Contractor

Dinwoody Construction: 856-6999

Gardcrafted PHD: 856-2811

Mid-Valley: 856-3421

Wyoming Custom Construction: 850-6347

RICO Construction: 856-7010


Chris Amend: 857-3832

Pat Lookingbill: 851-1070

Ray Nolen: 857-0578

Mark Short: 851-6357

Pat Solan: 851-2836


Absaroka Heating: 856-2888

Advance Heating: 857-6909

Ideal Sheet Metal: 856-3300

Riverton Sheet Metal: 856-3431

Speed’s Heating: 332-9133

Summit Sheet Metal: 856-2299

Valley Heating: 856-7883

Home Inspectors

Big Horn Home Inspector: 864-3385

Gustin Enterprises: 856-3699

Pat Lookingbill: 851-1070

CP Properties: 262-0725

John Snell: 851-5416


C&D Products: 856-6562

Rocky Mtn. Insulation: 856-5423

Landscaping, Lawn Care, and Sprinkler Systems

Greenway Lawns: 856-3900

Precision: 856-6958

Service Sprinklers: 857-4295

Sweetwater Garden: 856-6663

Mold Removal

Environmental Engineering: 332-1528

Mountain Air Cleaning: 856-1407

Jason Gregory: 856-6465


Den Schofield: 463-2207

MBE Painting: 856-2714

Brian Meyer: 856-0187

Rocky Mtn Painting: 851-1818

Samuelson Painting: 856-6498

Pest Control

Terminix: 856-8793


Modern Plumbing: 856-1885

Service Plumbing: 856-2683

Valley Plumbing: 856-7883

Will’s Plumbing: 856-0712

Remodel and Repair

Archer Construction: 856-5066

Bonneville Builders: 330-7344

Dinwoody Construction: 856-6999

Florquist Construction: 332-9268

McRae’s Home Improvement: 332-1511

Select Building Services: 856-6716

Steve Powell Construction: 857-5507


Rocky Mtn. Applicators: 856-0075

Select Building: 856-6716

Wyoming Roofing: 856-4244

Rocky Mtn. Insulation: 856-5423

Wyoming Custom Const.: 463-4154

Structural Engineers

Apex: 856-1647

Gore & Associates: 856-2444

Inberg-Miller: 856-8136

ERI Engineering: 857-4244

Water Testing

Precision Analysis: 856-0866

Big Horn Water: 856-9302

John Snell: 851-5416

Well Service

Bullington Well Service: 856-3584

Ward’s Well Service: 856-9014

Western Well Service: 856-6425

Hornet Drilling: 857-2800