3 Must-Do Things to Get Your Home Ready for the Real Estate #PerfectStorm

3 Must-Do Things to Get Your Home Ready for the Real Estate #PerfectStorm

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the #PerfectStorm the real estate market is experiencing right now in Fremont County. In case you’ve missed it, it’s a pretty straightforward concept: there’s a lot of inventory, super low interest rates, and rental prices are high.

What all that means is that for many prospective buyers, owning a home can actually be cheaper than renting!

So what does this have to do with you?

It’s simple: with so much inventory on the market, your home needs to really shine to grab the attention of all the buyers out there, like the one above. It goes beyond having great curb appeal, though – you need to take care of all the little things that you just haven’t gotten around to doing when life gets in the way.

But who has the time to remodel and update their home?!

Fortunately, there are many very simple and easy things you can do to make your home more attractive. These things might not add actual value to your home, but keeping up with maintenance means you’re eliminating deferred costs, reducing the likelihood of a more serious problem down the road, and improving the perception people have of your home, all of which can lead to a quicker sale.

Something Smells…

Basements are common around Fremont County, and though many of us with a basement don’t have to worry about flooding or other moisture, sometimes water finds its way in. Water is the number one enemy of homes. It can rot away wood, damage drywall, cause ceilings to sag, and so on.

An early sign that you’ve got a moisture problem is a musty smell. This often indicates that mold or mildew is forming. Do some investigating to find the water source – a leaky window or pipe are common culprits – and call a professional to fix the leaky issue if that’s beyond your abilities. Sometimes a pipe fitting just needs tightening or a window needs to be re-caulked. Those are easy DIY projects. Other times it’s a more serious issue that requires a pro.

Though hiring someone to fix the issue might be expensive, it’s a worthwhile output of money. Just imagine if you’re looking for a new home and the house you tour has a musty odor. Would you put in an offer? Probably not! Fix the issue now and avoid turning off buyers down the road.

Watch Out for Dryer Fires

Watch Out For Dryer FiresIf your dryer takes forever to get your clothes dry, the chances are that the dryer vent has some lint build-up. This isn’t just a problem because it takes longer to dry your clothes (and uses more electricity too), but it’s also a serious fire danger.

Fighting back against possible dryer fires is a quick and simple process. Just pull the dryer out, detach the vent hose, and use a vacuum attachment to suck all the lint out of the dryer and the hose. It’s a good idea to go outside and try to get any lint out from that end as well. If you do that a couple of times a year, your dryer will run more efficiently, your electric bill will be lower, and you’ll reduce the risk of fire. What’s more, there won’t be as much lint flying around the laundry room, making it easier to clean and prepare for showings when you decide it’s time to sell.

Critters, Critters Everywhere

Rodents are just a part of homeownership. This isn’t to say everyone has to deal with an infestation, but a mouse here and there is extremely common.

That said, no one wants to see evidence of rodents or hear the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps in the walls and ceilings when they’re touring a house. If you’re thinking about selling, it’s prudent to call an exterminator and eradicate any pests that might have moved into your house over the years. If rodents have done damage, like eating through electrical wires, you’ll want to have a pro come in and resolve those issues too.

Again, it’s about keeping tabs on your home and addressing these problems head-on. The more you work to fix these issues now, the less of a headache it will be down the road! Not only will you be able to keep a cleaner, nicer home, but you’ll also be more likely to avoid huge expenses – like repairing fire damage – down the road. And, when your house goes on the market and people see a clean, well-maintained home, they’ll be more likely to remember it in the glut of homes they see, making it more likely that you’ll get an offer sooner rather than later!

So, take advantage of a few minutes of free time to address issues like these in your home. Check out local service providers to help you if need be. You’ll be glad you did when the #PerfectStorm brings buyers your way!

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