Three Personality Flaws You Don’t Want Your Realtor to Have

3 Personality Flaws You Don't Want Your Realtor to Have

Poor Communication, Selfishness, and Being Unorganized Can Derail Your Real Estate Dreams

Everyone has flaws, but when it comes to Realtors, some flaws can cost you time, money, and even the entire transaction! When you’re shopping for a Realtor, avoid ones with these personality flaws at all costs.

Putting Themselves First

Unfortunately, some Realtors are more concerned about their payday than they are about helping you realize your real estate goals. Putting their own paycheck first means that they aren’t looking out for your best interests! You need a Realtor that will be honest with you and let you know when you can get a better deal or when to walk away from a deal, even if that means negatively impacting their bottom line.

Poor CommunicationPoor Communication

Whether it’s not communicating with you, your lender, other Realtors, or your buyer or seller, a Realtor that isn’t capable of timely communication is a major problem. Maybe they do okay initially, but with time begin to neglect your calls. If they don’t get their way or have some kind of issue arise with you, they might avoid talking to you as well. Some Realtors also avoid delivering bad news to clients.

Whatever the case, a Realtor that fails at communicating with you is not someone you need to be representing one of the largest financial transactions of your life. This isn’t to say that Realtors should be available to their clients 24/7, but they absolutely should be able to respond to your calls, texts, or emails in a reasonable period of time.

Being UnorganizedBeing Unorganized

With so much paperwork and so many stakeholders involved in each transaction, real estate is an industry that demands organization. A Realtor that is unorganized runs the risk of missing deadlines or missing out on opportunities to help you buy or sell a home. A disorganized Realtor can even cost you money! You may have to pay lock fees, or you might lose out on a contract if your Realtor doesn’t attend to tasks in a timely fashion or does sloppy work.

You can even lose your transaction altogether because of an unorganized Realtor. For example, if you’re a buyer and your agent lets your offer expire and another offer comes in, you will lose the house you want to buy and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just imagine losing your dream home because your Realtor didn’t pay attention to the details!

Final Thoughts

Just because a Realtor has one of these personality flaws doesn’t make them a bad person. After all, nobody’s perfect! Honest mistakes can be made, but with so much on the line, you obviously need to limit the ways your Realtor can have a negative impact on your transaction. This is especially important in the tough market we’re in right now, because these flaws can be even more detrimental. When it counts the most, you need a Realtor that has integrity, is honest, communicates well, and is very highly organized.

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