Your Home Search: How to Make It Most Successful

When you’re looking for a home to buy, you will undoubtedly have to go on numerous home tours with your real estate agent. There is really no better way to get a feeling for a home than seeing it with your own two eyes. While this sounds simple enough, there are actually a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to viewing homes.

In today’s post, we highlight a few situations to be aware of when looking for your dream home. Adhering to our advice will ensure you get the most out of your viewings and find your dream home more quickly.

Let’s get started!

Ugly HouseBeing Scared When the House is Ugly

We’ve all been there – we think we’ve found a great home online only to find that in person it’s ugly, disheveled, or otherwise off-putting. But as the people on HGTV constantly show us, fixer uppers can have a ton of potential if you can look past the orange carpet or the hideous wallpaper.

If you meet your Realtor for a house tour and find the home to be ugly, don’t immediately write it off as a lost cause. Complete the tour and pick your Realtor’s brain about what can be done to improve the home. By doing some DIY projects or having a contractor make renovations, you can have a home that looks great, has increased value, and looks and feels how you want it!

Friends and Family Want to Join

While the input of your friends and family is probably really important to you as you look at homes, it is usually not advisable to bring a slew of people with you on a home tour. Particularly on the first viewing of a home, it’s essential that you and your Realtor have one another’s undivided attention. This helps your Realtor communicate to you the features of the home. It also gives you a chance to express your opinions and ask questions without having to hear a bunch of opinions and questions from people who aren’t going to be paying the mortgage.

Angry ChildTaking Kids Along

Taking kids on a home tour is usually not a good idea. As much as we love them, kids get bored, cranky, and hungry. Babies cry. Toddlers wet their pants. Teenagers spend the whole time on their phone. None of this is helpful to you as you try to examine a home and determine if it could work for you and your family. Much like taking your parents or best friends on a home tour, taking your kids will just distract you and your Realtor from having the important conversations you need to have about the home you’re touring. If at all possible, leave the kids at home, then when you’ve got your search narrowed down to two or three possibilities bring them along.


Looking for a new home can be a long, stressful process. But it can be even longer and more stressful if your showings don’t go well. To get the most out of your time, keep your kids, family, and friends at home, and don’t be too quick to judge an ugly home. Doing so just might help you end your home search more quickly!

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