Four Easy Tips for Decluttering and Organizing Your Home

Let’s face it, we all have that one kitchen drawer full of junk, and many of us have an entire room full of clutter! It’s easy to accumulate stuff over the years, and once your collection of clutter reaches a certain point, it can become too daunting of a task to even deal with it. But trying to forget about it doesn’t solve the problem, especially if you are thinking about selling your home. If clutter has overtaken your home, give these quick and easy tips for decluttering your home a try.

Tip #1: Donate it, sell it, recycle it, or throw it away

The most difficult step in decluttering and organizing your home is to actually begin the process. To ease into it, think about items in terms of their usefulness to you. How long has it been since you used the item? If it’s something you haven’t used in the last year or two, think about donating it, selling it, recycling it, or throwing it away. Clothing, toys, and shoes are great candidates for donation or for a garage sale. Old electronics equipment can be donated or recycled. Items that no longer work or are damaged beyond repair should be taken to a bale station or landfill. Getting all the old, unused stuff out of your home will instantly make it feel roomier!

Tip #2: Use storage containersCloset Organizers Improve Use of Space

After you’ve thinned the herd of clutter, combine similar items into storage containers. See-through plastic tubs are a great option for storing clothes, toys, and other items that you use seasonally or on a rotating basis. Not only can you clearly see what’s inside, you can also stack the tubs to make storage areas clean and tidy. Be sure to clearly label each tub’s contents, and note the date when you placed items in the tub. This can help you find things with greater ease, and also serves as a reminder of when you might need to sort through its items again.

Tip #3: Organize, organize, organize

Organizing your home is a great way to declutter, improve your ability to find what you need, and gives your home the appearance of being larger. Many homeowners (and prospective buyers) complain of not having enough closet space. To solve this problem, consider installing a closet storage system with shelving and hanging rods. These systems can double or even triple the amount of usable closet space, giving even the smallest of closets vastly improved functionality. Another easy solution is to rotate your wardrobe based on the season. Whatever isn’t wearable can be stored elsewhere until the season changes. This helps keep your clothing organized and also prevents your closet from becoming overstuffed.

Tip #4: Utilize unused space

Underbed Storage for Improved OrganizationParticularly in smaller homes, finding a place to store all of your things in an organized fashion can be difficult. To overcome this obstacle, use spaces that traditionally go unused. Each bed in your home has valuable floor space below it. Utilize this area to organize items that are used only occasionally. Vertical space also often goes unused, particularly in closets, storage rooms, and attics. Consider building or installing shelving that allows you to easily stack items from floor to ceiling. If you have a garage with a high ceiling, build a platform that suspends from the ceiling to create an additional area for storage.

Decluttering is often the number one piece of advice Realtors give to homeowners to prepare their home for market. In fact, research shows that the return on investment for cleaning and decluttering your home exceeds 400%, making it by far the most profitable project you can undertake. Getting organized also reduces day-to-day stress and makes the process of moving that much easier once your home sells. Be sure to follow Olivia’s 31 day Purge challenge on Facebook! Join in on the decluttering fun as Olivia shares great tips on home organization from the website A Bowl Full of Lemons. For even more insights on decluttering, organizing, or otherwise improving your home, give your Hometown Realtors a call at 856-3999 or stop by the office at 309 N. Broadway today!

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