How to Approach Riverton, Lander Open Houses This Summer

As a homebuyer in Fremont County, there is much to be accomplished before you can become the new owner of a property in Riverton or Lander. For instance, sprucing up your finances, creating a homebuyer wish list for available properties, touring homes and applying for a mortgage all need to happen before you are handed the keys. Each step is just as important as the next, including open houses and home tours. As you set off for open houses in Riverton and Lander this summer, be sure to keep the following in mind:

The Neighborhood
The neighborhood in which a Fremont County home lives can often be just as important as the house itself. Be sure you’re paying attention to features of the neighborhood like the condition of other homes, proximity to your workplace and other locales. Remember that you’re not just buying the home, but the neighborhood as well.

The Neighbors
Pay attention to the neighbors while you’re out visiting open houses in Fremont County this summer. Just as you take into account the neighborhood, remember that the neighbors come as a package deal. If the home is surrounded by other houses, be aware of those on either side and even the neighbor on the back side. It doesn’t hurt to notice that one of them has barking dogs that could be a problem for you.

The Interior
Consider the overall flow of the home when you step inside. Do the rooms feel easy to navigate and spacious? Kitchens are increasingly important to Riverton and Lander homebuyers— does the kitchen feel open and welcoming to potential guests? The interior of the home should feel well laid-out and you can get a sense of this when you visit in person.

Storage Space
One of the main reasons Fremont County homeowners and even first-time buyers are moving this summer has to do with storage space. Take a look at the storage solutions of the home— are the closets spacious? Do the garage and basement offer options for storage? It’s a great idea to check these out now before you decide on a home and find out it cannot accommodate all of your things.

It’s important to get the complete picture of a property in the Wind River community and keeping these factors in mind will start you off on the right foot. If you have questions about purchasing a home in Riverton or Lander this year, I’m happy to help!

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