Fremont County Spotlight: Meet Riverton, WY

If you’ve been considering a move to Fremont County, WY, allow me to introduce you to one great community option— Riverton, WY! Located in the Wind River Valley, Riverton is a city found in the heart of Fremont County— a county founded in the late 1800’s and named after explorer and politician, John C. Fremont. Riverton is a great place to call home which all began with the Native Americans who indeed felt it was a special place. It sits at the meeting place of the Big Wind and Little Wind Rivers and is historically know as a land where even Sacajawea was said to roam. Now, the city has grown to include over 10,000 in population, has morphed from a city centered around ranching and mining into one focused on educational and commercial opportunity. Riverton possesses many appealing attributes that not only draw visitors to the area, but those who wish to make the city their permanent residence.

For instance, did you know Riverton has the mildest year-round weather in the entire state of Wyoming? Did you know it was named for the four rivers that meet within its borders? The city was founded in 1906 on land ceded from the Wind River Indian Reservation, the seventh largest reservation Indian reservation in the United Stats belonging to the nearby Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. Riverton was a place where mountain men, prospectors and homesteaders flocked in the early days of its founding and continues today as a special place for all who choose to live there.
According to the city, Riverton is the “rendezvous community of Wyoming past, present and future.” It’s a place where tradition continues with a close-knit sense of community all encompassed in one friendly, upbeat and progressive locale in Fremont County. Riverton has a quality of life unlike any other, with a long list of community attributes and opportunities that continue to attract residents. Some of those strong community attributes include:

  • Educational opportunities, with Central Wyoming College housed in Riverton
  • Recreational attractions
  • Cultural and historical significance
  • Economic diversity and strength, with the manufacturer of the Brunton compass housed in Riverton
  • A clean and unique appearance with natural elements, including the Wind River Mountains to the south and the Owl Mountains to the north, reservations, canyons and many rivers
  • A community with virtually no crime
  • A sustainable, healthy population poised for growth
  • Residents with family values and a knack for volunteering
Riverton is also a hub of educational and cultural opportunity. The city is home to Central Wyoming College, one of the best 2-year colleges in Wyoming, and hosts many local events. One such event is the annual Rendezvous Hot Air Balloon Festival every July, the Fremont County Fair in August, the Cowboy Poetry gathering in September and the Wild West Winter Carnival in February. In Riverton, you can find numerous restaurants, shopping destinations, and leisure via the various “Vegas Style” casinos. Riverton is a must-visit for tourists looking to experience and enjoy Wind River Country, especially taking in all of the city’s natural elements. For instance, the city has many outdoor recreational activities to be enjoyed, given its natural landscape, and is considered a way of life for many residents. It’s one of the many reasons people flock to Riverton to both live and work in the area.
If you think Riverton sounds like the right place for you to buy a home and live the good life, I’d love to speak with you! Feel free to reach out with any questions on the community or what homes might be available in Fremont County, WY.

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