Ask O: What’s a CRS?

After Returning from the Wyoming State Convention last week I wanted to share a little secret that maybe not everyone out there knows about your Realtor choices.  If you ever notice some Realtors have some letters after their names on their Business Cards, which probably mean little or nothing to many folks.  There is one Realtor Designation that rises above the others, and I think that you can truly see a difference between Realtors who have this designation vs those who don’t.  The letters are CRS and they stand for the Council of Residential Specialists.

Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) agents have a proven record of success, in fact 3 times the success of none CRS.  Statistically these Realtors have done 3 times the number of annual transactions. What does this mean to you?  Experience! These agents have been through more deals, less will surprise the and they have more experience in how to negotiate the deal and help you accomplish your goals.

This isn’t a coincidence!  These agents take a higher level of education to receive the certification, besides for meeting production requirements before they can even get the designation. One thing I think is interesting is that the CRS classes don’t just teach agent about contracts, or Lead Based Paint concerns and other important issues, but they take it a step further and teach Negotiation, Customer Service and other  types of skills that other education tends to assume folks know!   Once they receive the designation they have more access and information on cutting edge technology and resources and can use these to provide you a higher level of service.   Check and see if your Realtor is a CRS!


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