Ask O: Moving Tips

Dear Olivia,

Can you give us some moving tips?

There are so many details to getting yourself ready to move!

The first step is to get organized!  If you are like me this is not an easy task and requires a little help from someone more organized , or some great resources that can be found on Google! One of my favorite tips that I found is to put together a “Moving Binder.”  There are many different ways you can use a resource like this, put in checklist of what you need to do before, during and after the move, or call your Hometown Realtor, we have a checklist we are happy to share!  Add in the information on your utilities, who to call when they are being turned on or off and if you need to be there, a place for your loan docs, and receipts so that everything is handy when you need it!

Make sure you schedule your move. If you are fortunate enough to have movers come and pack for you, that is great, but you still may want to pack up your valuables and put together a “survival kit” so you have the tools you need for last minute items, and the things that will make the move easiest for you!  You don’t want your kids favorite blanket riding in a box in the moving van for sure!  You may also think about putting some of the following items in your survival kit.. scissors, toiletries, some cash, meds you might need, critter food and other oops I forgot type of items!  If you do this ahead of time you probably won’t ever need them (murpheys law right) but what a great way to prevent emergencies!

If you are moving yourself, make sure to call your Hometown Realtors to reserve our moving trailer to help keep your things out of the weather and so you don’t’ have to make as many trips!  Also, we have boxes and packing tape available for our clients to use.  Think about color coding your boxes according to the room you want them in and creating a legend so anyone who is helping you move can decipher the color code!  These little things can make a huge difference in how smooth your moving experience goes!

Another tip that may make moving easier is to create a moving basket for all of your labels, tape, sharpies, scissors .  The simplest things can save so much time, this way when you go from room to room to pack things up you have all the things you need at your fingertips!

Keep in mind as you pack it I the best time to organize and purge!  If you never use the item whIy would you want to pack it up and move it across the country or even across town.  Keep a garbage can and a donation box near you while you pack so that you can purge un needed items!  When better to purge than when you realize it saves you having to pack!

Invest in bubble wrap! It’s worth it, anyone can accidentally drop a box, or who knows what can happen through the moving progress, the better you pack your things the less likely you will find them broken and ruining the joy of moving into your new home!

These are just a few great tips for moving, hopefully they help you get started being creative and thinking of what will make the move easiest for you!


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