Shopping for a Real Estate Agent

A few months ago I listened to someone tell me the story of a friend who wrote a full price offer on a house that had been listed for 500 days! There were no counter offers, no negotiations, no haggling. As I listened to this I wondered what the buyer’s real estate agent told them, and if there was more to the situation than I was hearing.

Why am I sharing this? Because this reminds me how it is so important to make sure that you have chosen a real estate agent that has your best interests in mind. They need to know what you want, and be knowledgeable in the marketplace, knowing things such as the DOM, value, competition and other options, just to mention a few important things!

Please take the time to search out a Realtor that you are confident has your best interests at heart. A home purchase is exciting and large, and should be fun! BUT it won’t be fun if you don’t have someone looking out for your best interests!

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